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Client Testimonials

More than just good reviews, hear about what others think of my style and approach

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Image by Gary Bendig

When I came to Bradley for coaching, I had two goals I was almost too afraid to say out loud: I wanted to write again, and I wanted to love writing again. After just a few months of working with Bradley, not only have I been meeting those goals, I've been enjoying the process, through which I've gained so much more than I could have imagined.  There are so many reasons why Bradley has been a phenomenal coach, but these are my top three: he listens with true curiosity, he asks exactly the right questions, and he somehow exudes both joyous excitement and problem-solving calm at the same time. His ability to strike the perfect balance between letting me come to my own conclusions and offering collaborative input at the right moment has been a model for me in my own teaching and mentoring. One way Bradley especially tailored his coaching to me was by inviting me to come up with new words, metaphors, and analogies to describe what I was trying to do. Is writing like conducting lab experiments? Brewing a potion with uncooperative ingredients? Navigating at open sea? Adding chaotic red cards to my controlling white-blue Magic: the Gathering deck? This kind of exploratory, imaginative creativity was exactly what I needed again. I've since completely changed the metaphors I used to think about my writing and myself as a writer, and what's been even more empowering is realizing I can do it again, anytime I need to, now that Bradley and I have done it together.  Moreover, Bradley's integrative perspective met me right at the complexity of the issues I'd been struggling with for years. I now recognize that when I'm really struggling with something, it's because there are a hundred other subproblems and secondary emotions tangled up with it. Bradley's nonjudgmental patience and easygoing sense of humor made me feel like no problem was too trivial or embarrassing to bring up. His whole approach to interpersonal interaction is something I strive to emulate now.  I come away from each session with Bradley encouraged, re-energized, and unafraid to try something new.       

 - Inez T

Bradley has been a fantastic coach. One of the main reasons that I had come to Bradley for coaching was to deal with some issues and mental trauma that I felt was hindering me from getting things done that I wanted to take care of. I believe his unique and innate ability to show patience, empathy, and professionalism while I explained my issues really helped to yield the end result that I desired. The coaching sessions, while professional, still had a vibe of casualness and familiarity that I personally enjoy. Most importantly, he really allowed me to speak before helping the both of us really delve deeper and consider multiple angles of the issues we were working on. In the end, I am very thankful for the experience and I have personally overcome some hurdles that we had previously discussed and have come away a stronger person for it.

Image by Nathan Anderson

 - Jason C

Sharp Shinned Hawk

I met Bradley soon after he started his professional coach training. I could immediately tell that coaching was the right fit for him. I have observed with friends that he's a natural when it comes to helping people clarify their goals and create plans. Over the years I have recommended family and friends to Bradley and I continue to do so today.

 - Carol H

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