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About Me

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My name is Bradley Smith II.  I am a Certified ADHD Life Coach.  I coach teenagers and adults, with or without ADHD.  The most important trait I look for in clients is an openness to self-reflection and a willingness to look at challenges in new ways.  I  was diagnosed with ADHD in 4th grade so I have an insider's perspective on how complex and far-reaching the struggles of disordered attention really are. 


I place a big emphasis on emotional regulation because its impact is often neglected in both ADHD and the world at large.  I gravitate towards exploring the internal roots of a problem, not just the outward branches.  From there, I hope to help my clients forge a set of their own unique tools they draw upon for whatever life throws at them.  Curiosity, imagination, and humor are central to my approach.  I hold a bachelor's degree in History and Comparative Religion from Cal State University Fullerton and am Certified by the International ADHD Coach Training Center (CALC).

My biggest inspiration for coaching is my daughter Athena.  I started training to become a coach shortly after my wife and I found out we were becoming parents!  I decided I had to do something more meaningful and follow my passion for understanding and helping others.  


For a more in-depth look at my growing up with ADHD and how I became a coach check out my blog post.

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